Rural Welfare

Gramin Upakram Chakan is a small village situated about 20 miles from Pune. The only historical remains one finds in this village is the dilapidated fortress of Sangram Durg.

Manashakti selected Chakan for rural development. In 1972. A high school teacher and sadhak Shri. Madhukar Sandhan dedicated himself for this work. Later, another life-devotee Dr. Srirang Ghumatkar (Ayurveda Expert) joined him. During initial period, ‘Propogation of Knowledge about Bhagvat Geeta’ activity was organized. Experiments for evaluating the effects of chanting of Mantra and Music on agricultural fields, were also started. ‘Gram Seva Samiti' inspired by Manashakti, was established in 1978, and the work started in a planned and organized way.

Activities Organized by Manashakti Chakan Centre

Free Distribution of Educational aids & Uniforms
Free Programs for Tension-free Exam Success
Free Program for Teenage Girls
Manashakti Nursery, for Kids
Education-Sanskar Project for Rural Students
Earn and Learn Scheme for Rural Youths
Gayatri Mantra inspired Agricultural Experiments for Farmers
Planting and Nurturing Trees
Gayatri Clinic
Ayurvedic Panch-karma Health Centre
Swanand Ayurvedic Medicinal Products
Education through Kirtan (Celebrating praises of God through singing and dancing)

Machine Tests &
Psycho-Feedback Therapy

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