Redemption from Disease (Marathi)

"Redemption from Disease" Workshop

With in-depth study, Swami Vijnananand, the founder of Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavala, propagated a rational and a unique school of thought and a path to get redemption from diseases and wellbeing- RECIPROPATHY. A one-day workshop is all set to commence based on this concept. The first workshop is slated for January . All are welcome to attend this workshop right from teenagers who have completed age 14 to senior citizens.

Swamiji has put across many theories on emancipation from diseases and wellbeing through books like Mind Power, Cure without Medicine, Death of a Disease, Dear Mr. Boss, Rich, Ambitious and Healthy, Yajna katha, Rogmukti Mantra and Vyadhnish Mantra.

A detailed four-day study course "Rog-Mukti VIjnan" explaining Swamiji’s theories and offering tips for wellbeing is already conducted at Manashakti. Now, the one-day workshop, encapsulating the gist of this four-day study course, will be held in your own city from January 2016.

The workshop comprises:

  • Concept of Recipropathy
  • Role of Mind in Disease
  • Prayer for Body Cells
  • Plant Experiments for De-addiction
  • Meditation etc.

Besides, one can reap healthy benefits of the workshop like home remedies for curing diseases, minimizing their intensity, getting rid of pain and feeling mentally upbeat.

Participants: 15 years and above
Language: Marathi
Duration: Aprox. 7 hours
Donation Contribution: Rs.420/- per person


Videos to be uploaded shortly.

Videos to be uploaded shortly.

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